Synth & Electro is the perfect blend of retro with modern, unique and one of a kind sounds.



NewXSound is a perfect blend of retro and modern sounds. There's a reason why the sounds of the 80s still remain relevant in pop culture and the music scene - because synth sounds are unique and irreplaceable. NewXSound takes all the best aspects of the 80s aesthetic and repackages them into something completely new and modern. It's like the 80s are back with a vengeance. The feel of an 80's slasher movie captured in sound. Permeating with a dark, cinematic mood and atmosphere. Filled with heavy dark synth and an upbeat, techno industrial sound. This playlist will take you to a gritty high-tech low-rise city of a dark future filled with thrills and high risks with even greater rewards. Retro synthesizers, high tempo, electronics, arcade. Outrun will transport you to a vision of '80s grilles, magenta neon, VHS tracking artifacts and fast DeLoreans.

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